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Free poetry?

Yes, free poetry. If you wish to go directly there, you may download a no-frills .pdf version of One Last Ditch. There should be another link to it nearby if you are not on a mobile device but either way it is free for the clicking. Before you head off though, may I interest you in a poetry video? Head over to One Last Ditch: the movie.s. Kickstarter project page and turn up your speakers or headphones to get all the good bass notes. And you might find something interesting to look at as well.

This blog? It is for One Last Ditch: the book, which is also available with a nice cover at Green Apple Books here in San Francisco or order it from Amazon or, even better, get a limited edition autograph with your copy by ordering it directly from me; email me at and I will get back to you almost instantaneously unless I am asleep in which case give me about six to eight hours.

A million thanks for following whatever link got you here.


One Last Ditch for free!

A couple of weeks ago a friend directed me to Cory Doctorow’s website where I discovered that he makes his books available for free download. After reading his rationale for doing so and after thinking and considering and thinking and considering I decided that doing the same thing would be advantageous from the point of view of exposure of which I otherwise would expect to get very little especially given the lack of managerial talent in my current managerial staff which staff is entirely composed of myself and no one else so please if you think I am talking about you please email me and let me know so that if you really do want to manage me we can talk.

But so the upshot of this is that you yourself can now download the electronic version of One Last Ditch at no cost beyond whatever sort of favors you must grant in order to gain internet access. Truly a great deal!

There are some differences between the printed version and the electronic version, so that not only might eyestrain encourage you to pick up a paper copy of One Last Ditch but so also might the prospect of receiving a full-sized, full-color cover image wrapped around an attractively and professionally typeset manuscript. The electronic copy contains all the words that the paper copy does, but it is by design a bit bare in its design values.

In the meantime, download, read, and toast to climbing out of complete obscurity.