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Free poetry?

Yes, free poetry. If you wish to go directly there, you may download a no-frills .pdf version of One Last Ditch. There should be another link to it nearby if you are not on a mobile device but either way it is free for the clicking. Before you head off though, may I interest you in a poetry video? Head over to One Last Ditch: the movie.s. Kickstarter project page and turn up your speakers or headphones to get all the good bass notes. And you might find something interesting to look at as well.

This blog? It is for One Last Ditch: the book, which is also available with a nice cover at Green Apple Books here in San Francisco or order it from Amazon or, even better, get a limited edition autograph with your copy by ordering it directly from me; email me at catdoc@berkeley.edu and I will get back to you almost instantaneously unless I am asleep in which case give me about six to eight hours.

A million thanks for following whatever link got you here.


reading: white noise

Remember you saw it here first!

reading: ode, continued; siege at times

Part Two of many from One Last Ditch:

A reading you don’t have to dress up (or down) for

In the next few days I will begin posting videos of myself reading from One Last Ditch. I plan to put up at least one every week until I have read the entire thing, but of course once they are posted you can watch them whenever you want! Poetry readings in your pajamas.

Maybe poetry readings in my pajamas.

Naw. I’ll dress well for the occasions.

The first one should be up by April 10.